Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Technoloy and New Recipes

When I take on a new recipe I am a little apprehensive. The steps are not familiar. The ingredients are some that I question or do not know how a particular combination will taste together. There is much comfort in the tried and true recipes. Although I do not belong to a cooking club, I enjoy reading the comments and ratings that others give specific recipes. I’m more willing to make the initiative if I feel confident in the outcome. Often the thrill of trying something new propels me to take the risk.

With technology, I sometimes have the same feelings of fear in attempting to try or to understand something new. I am afraid of making a mistake or embarrassing myself. Other times I am simply hesitant of other’s opinions or reactions. Perhaps others would have approached situations in a new way. For instance, when I work with a team, they may decide to include virtual collaborative spaces and this will create a sense of uncertainty in not knowing what kinds of ideas have been successful. Also, I think that understanding the process of how pictures, music, or video can be burned, saved, edited, or downloaded may take both clear explanation and time to experiment.

This past week I witnessed firsthand how teens pick up a video camera, experiment, and confidently try various backgrounds and actually put together a DVD in a short period of time. For the first time, see how easy it is to burn a DVD and I am amazed at the speed. When I view the final production, I am inspired how creatively technology can teach and entertain! In some ways it is similar to trying a new recipe and people commenting on how fabulous it turned out!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Cooking Community

The one thing that most impressed me this week is how technology has become a significant part of my life. The Internet allows me to stay connected with those with my “cooking community.” A community is my personal connection and support system built by people and technology resources. In a particular situation this week, I needed to depend upon relationships. This circular network is invaluable because I am quickly able to access selected links, contacts, and information. In dealing with urgent matters, I have a sense of connectedness through the use of technology.

Technology bridges to an even larger circle of professionals, resources, and current happenings. I think this is necessary especially during times when the inputs of various chefs are needed to best understand a technique, to explain new ideas, or to create a first time recipe. One of the most beneficial aspects is the using technology does not require face-to-face interaction and can be accessed within one’s individual time frame.

Lastly, community cooking blends and fuses with other communities in order to provide even larger networks. This week I randomly moved within local, personal, and then to a worldwide connection as I ventured to explore more information. I am appreciative of the vast expanse of unlimited resources that technology can offer. Through information I am better able to understand problems and ideas, and to respond with informed decisions. This gives me a sense of empowerment because although I cannot control various situations, I realize the opportunities for learning are endless.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Mixture

Since I like to bake, I am comparing technology to that of a fabulous recipe. There are those timeless recipes that contain an exact combination of the right ingredients. They are the recipes that I can always count on as turning out well and are the ones people usually request. On the other hand, there are others that I have failed miserably despite following the directions precisely. Sometimes technology is not about a certain order of prescribed directions, but an overall picture of what I am trying to accomplish with the technology tools. For instance, using a computer does require a basic understanding of keyword searches, how to understand applications, and general set-up. For me, I think I do best if the oven (computer) is turned on, my files are organized, and I am without system difficulties. However, my reality is that the first week of class my laptop began having problems, so it needed to be sent in for repairs. There are just circumstances that happen with technology. In addition, like tonight's first assignment, I find myself getting frustrated when I follow directions and I cannot get my blog connected onto wiki.

I think one of the most fascinating aspects of library science is the unknown methods of creating new solutions to problems or thinking of different ways to bring life to a dull topic. What I am the most interested in learning about in this class are the various ways I can become more familiar connecting technology with the community. As more gadgets become easier to use, more affordable, and a daily part of life, I find myself wanting to know how I can operate them. Though I'm just beginning to truly utilize technology, my hope is that by the end of class that I have fewer flops and that I will become a technology cuisinier.