Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheers to Technology!

My use of technology this week has been an expansive high. One of the first reasons is that my laptop finally works after multiple fixes. I get accustomed to my personally designed shortcuts, favorites, and saved files. The familiarity saves me time and effort. However, what I have realized about myself this semester is that I can be flexible and resourceful.

The focus of technology function through the usability test is complex, challenging, and invaluable. The process of analyzing test purpose, goals, and objectives makes me consider the initial starting point of the project. Writing the test forces me to question what I ultimately want to know about user response. For instance, is the category hidden on the home page? Does the wiki navigate in a user friendly manner? The comments and feedback after the test offer constructive feedback. Sometimes when I am absorbed in my own project, my myopic view causes me to miss obvious aspects. What I find most interesting is the varied remarks about the wiki.

The other reason that I have had a positive week is that my team is in the final stage of wiki completion by posting the training materials. This is like running a race and catching a glimpse of the finish line! Last night I prepared an excellent Mexican dinner. The sharing a meal and conversation was the reward of a lot of effort. With the wiki, I also believe that through persistence and diligence, a beneficial resource was created for the library. The similarities between technology and cooking are simply that both have the potential to connect and to link others through community. It can be such a grand celebration when the end product turns out well!


Kris said...

Yeah, Teresa! I'm glad you had a good week -- it must really feel good to have your laptop back. And, I want you to know that it was GREAT working on a team with you. I hope we get the opportunity again someday.


Kay said...

I've had a wonderful time working with you and I'm so impressed by your ability to be so clam and centered in the face of all the challenges you've had to face. It was such a pleasure working with you. I hope to see you again.

Mary Alice Ball said...

Teresa, I'm glad that you found the usability test worthwhile. This semester is only the second time I assigned it. I introduced it after a suggestion from Lewis Miller, the University Librarian at Butler. My sense is that it requires the same sort of analysis that the functional requirements assignment used to, but in a less intimidating form. I agree with you that the opportunity to get input from others is invaluable.